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"Cruz Control"

A historical account of one of the Sonoran Desert's most precious hydrological resources, the Santa Cruz River. Arizona Highways November 2015 issue tells the story about where this river has been and where it is going in the future thanks to the work of the Sonoran Institute and partners. Read the full article here.

Endangered Fish Rediscovered

Gila Topminnow

Santa Cruz River: Wastewater and Ecosystem Recovery 

After a 10 year absence, an endangered fish species has once again been found in the Santa Cruz River in southern Arizona. Last month the Gila topminnow, a native Arizona species listed under the Endangered Species Act in 1967, was found in the Santa Cruz River near the U.S.-Mexico border during the annual fish survey conducted by the Sonoran Institute, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Friends of the Santa Cruz River, National Park Service and other partners.

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Renewable Energy

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AZ Build-Out Study

This study was undertaken in response to the EPA's Clean Power Plan rule requiring states to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions from existing electricity generation facilities by 2030. This report maps Arizona’s solar and wind potential to find that Arizona can increase its energy generation, enough to power more than 603,000 homes by the EPA deadline. View and download the full report.

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Building Capacity in West


Sonoran Institute has made the strategic decision to spin off our Community Builders initiative as an independent nonprofit organization on January 1, 2016. For Western communities, this increases the resources available to help tackle the challenges they face. Both organizations will continue to partner on projects and activities.

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New Report

Marble Mountains 2   
California Mining

This study finds that the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act of 2015 will minimally impact mining and builds on the natural and cultural attractions that drive the regional economy. To read more, view and download the report, report summary, and fact sheet.

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Webinar Advisory for Media

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Community Builders

Use 6 Downtown Billings Smallest 

Webinar Series

November 18, 2015

Infill Strategies and Downtown Revitalization

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Recent Coverage


Preserving the Military Mission

Last month our Sun Corridor Program released a report that examined the mutual benefit of preserving Arizona's military mission while protecting publicly-owned lands near military facilities. The report and outreach efforts are garnering media attention. 

High Country News

Arizona Republic op-ed 

NPR Arizona Public Media Morning Edition

NPR KJZZ Phoenix

Phoenix Business Journal

Glendale Star

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New Report

 LR Cover 2015

Santa Cruz River

This second assessment of wetland conditions along the Lower Santa Cruz River provides a summary of the initial improvements after the upgrade of the two wastewater reclamation facilities that release effluent into the river.

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New Mobility West

Anaconda video

 On the Ground

Find out how we are helping Durango, Colorado examine bicycle, pedestrian and design solutions for their North Main Avenue.

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Delta Update Report

Francisco at Morelos Dam


Initial Progress

Research shows that the historic pulse flow into the Colorado River Delta was a success.




Across the West

Your contributions this year helped the Sonoran Institute to achieve major major results across the West.

2014 Accomplishments

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2014 Annual Report


25 Years Strong, Shaping Our West

For over 25 years, Sonoran Institute has been a pioneer in efforts to unite and celebrate the best of Western culture, history, nature and urban spaces by making connections, seeking practical solutions and promoting long-term sustainability. View and download our 2014 Annual Report to see all that we've done up through 2014 and what we plan on doing as we move forward.

2040 Vision

  Stategic Framework Cover

Strategic Framework

For the last 25 years, we have been successfully helping people in the West build the communities they want to live in while preserving the West that brought them here. Discover our vision for our next 25 years. 

Our Letter to You

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EPA Clean Power Plan

The Sonoran Institute prepares a statement on today's release of the U.S. EPA's Clean Power Rules in order to discuss the platform for our study to be released next month. We will reveal how large-scale solar can do far more in meeting the EPA's emissions targets than originally envisioned in the rule.

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Arizona Public Media

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I-11 Corridor Initiative

In a recent PBS piece, our Sun Corridor Program Director talks about Sonoran's involvement in the project's development. He goes on to discuss the Environmental Impact Statement process and the critical concept of integrated infrastructure. As always, it is vitally important that stakeholders work together from start to finish.

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On the Cover

 Edible Cover Story

A River's Return in Edible Baja

One year ago the Colorado River reached the sea for the first time in a generation. Now we search to discover how this remarkable effort has impacted the people and place of the Colorado River Delta.

Read the story on page 96.

Updated Report

 2508 State Trust Lands Updated cover web

State Trust Lands

This updated report offers a history of state trust lands and presents examples of management strategies and tools for asset management, residential and commercial development, conservation use, and collaborative planning.

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New Report


West-Wide Corridor 30-52

Sonoran Institute provides a thorough evaluation and analysis of a promising transmission corridor that can connect Arizona's emerging renewable energy economy with markets in Arizona and California.

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Where We Work

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Narrated by Robert Redford, Renewal captures the breathtaking and historic surge of water that was released into the Colorado River in the Spring of 2014. The new water created, once again, a river to the sea. Original music soundtrack by Halcyonaire. For more information on the efforts to save and restore life to the Delta, go to:

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